The Zombie Apokalypse Takes Over Mantic This January

January 6, 2013 by dracs

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Well it turns out the Mayans were just off by a little and the end of the world is coming, for Mantic's Warpath is becoming overtaken by the Zombie Apokalypse!

Mantic - Zombie Marines Attacking

Created through the unholy joining of Mantic's Corporation, Ghoul and Zombie sprues the forces of the Zombie Apokalypse will be appearing this month. Just goes to show you really can't keep the Corporation down for long.

Mantic - Zombie Marines

But what could be causing the forces of man to rise again like this?

Mantic - Mortis

This is Mortis, the leader of the Zombie Apokalypse. He will soon be appearing as a new metal miniature to lead your zombie horde. What exactly is he? I dunno.

Mortis isn't the greatest hero miniature Mantic have come out with, being altogether too bulky to look like part of an undead army. However, the idea of fielding a whole Corporation force of zombies is just too cool.

Do you guys disagree with me? What is your opinion of the Mortis mini?

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