Abaddon Returns To Warhammer 40,000 to Set Vigilus Ablaze

March 6, 2019 by dracs

The Despoiler, most feared of the heretic Adeptus Astartes, warmaster of the Black Legion, and successor to Horus, is returning to Warhammer 40,000.

The original miniature for Abaddon has become something of a classic sculpt on the tabletop.

Now here he is in all his updated glory.

The word "imposing" springs to mind, as does the phrase "oh hell, we're in trouble now!"

The new model keeps to the look of the classic model, but turning everything up to eleven. There is so much more motion going on with this sculpt, while every detail tells something of Abaddon's long story of conflict.

He's also a lot bigger now, standing almost as tall as a primarch! Of course, a lot of that height is his hair-do.

A particularly nice touch is that Games Workshop have included three different head options, each letting you portray a different aspect of the Despoiler.

We have the face contorted with battle fury, showing his side as a terrifying destroyer of worlds.

There's his calm, stoic expression, showing his nature as an imposing and charismatic leader.

Then there's his rebreather variant, for when he is feeling far from mediocre.

Don't worry, we witness you big lad.

All in all, this new model is massive improvement on the old sculpt, which was definitely showing its age. It's great to see one of Warhammer 40,000's most iconic characters return to glory, ready to crush the Imperium in one taloned hand.

Vigilus Ablaze

Chaos is definitely in ascendence at the moment, as Abaddon is arriving just in time to lead his forces in Imperium Nihilus: Vigilus Ablaze.

In this latest Imperium Nihilus book, it is truly Chaos' time to shine, bringing with it new rules to expand your forces with Specialist Detachments, whether they be the Raptors of Haarken Worldclaimer, or the terrifying machine-monsters that are the Daemon Engines.

All of this goes to turn Vigilus in to a hellish nightmare-scape of fire and destruction.

Chaos is Rising

To cap off their announcement, Warhammer Community have provided a sneak peek at a new Havoc joining the ranks of Heretic Astartes.

There are reportedly an army of new models on the way for the Chaos Space Marines, a force that have been in sore need of an updated look for some time.

These promise to include both new takes on classic units, as well as some entirely new horrors to join the side of Chaos.

What are your thoughts on Abaddon's new look? What would you like to see for the Heretic Astartes? 

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