Breachstorm Returns To Kickstarter With The Volucrid Host

March 26, 2019 by brennon

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Breachstorm, a 30mm Sci-Fi skirmish game, is coming back to Kickstarter at the end of April with a new campaign which focuses in on The Volucrid Host, an insectoid menace that will be battling against their existing factions for control of the galaxy.

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For those not familiar with Breachstorm, it is a dynamic and engaging set of Sci-Fi rules for playing with small groups of between six and eight elite troops. You then engage in special operations, looking to tackle narratively developed and asymmetrical objectives on the tabletop.

Breachstorm Gameplay #1

Games typically last around sixty minutes and use their highly-detailed resin miniatures. As with many rules out there right now they are meant to be easy-to-learn and hard to master.

Breachstorm Gameplay #2

It is well worth exploring their website in more detail and checking out the existing miniature line-up. I mean, they have a man-tiger leading one of their forces so what's not to like?

Doing what all good rule sets should be doing when they hit the market, the team have made the core rules for Breachstorm free to download so you can get stuck in and see if you can get on with the game before diving in. It's a perfect excuse to test out the rules with the armies you have already and then switch over to their range if they have you hooked.

Breachstorm: Reloaded Kickstarter

The new Kickstarter looks to add a new set of miniatures into the mix for the Volucrid Host. The second wave of miniatures will be arriving alongside a campaign focused on these insectoid aggressors.

Volucrid Host - Breachstorm

In addition to that, you'll also find new Mercenary Contractor characters for use with a range of factions and some updates to the existing line-up too.

As well as the new models for the factions you'll also be able to get your hands on two limited edition miniatures which will only be available during this campaign.

Whilst I'd not heard of Breachstorm before delving into this new Kickstarter announcement I am drawn to the characters and world they've created. Having the model count be so low as well is also key I think, offering up another neat skirmish experience for people to try out at the club.

Have you played Breachstorm?

"Have you played Breachstorm?"

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