Mix Stylish Fantasy & Cyberpunk In Gangs Of The Undercity

January 8, 2020 by brennon

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Fragging Unicorns Games is a new company which is looking to get you stuck into a mix of both Fantasy and Cyberpunk skirmishing as part of their new game, Gangs Of The Undercity.

Gangs Of The Undercity - Fragging Unicorns Games

The game is aiming for a Kickstarter campaign later this year in July and this is what we know about the game and it's world so far!

"Gangs Of The Undercity is a 28mm miniatures skirmish game, set in a dystopian future-fantasy universe, where players fight for dominance of their turf in the sprawl of Neo-Babylon. It features detailed, wondrous miniatures and various modes of play. Two or more players can battle in a traditional wargame format, can join together in co-op mode, or enter the story of Gangs Of The Undercity in the campaign scenarios."

In the game, you'll be taking control of a gang which will then use its skills and a little bit of luck to claim and reclaim turf deep within the Undercity.

Vengeance - Fragged Unicorns Games

As with most games of this style, your gang will start small and gain experience over time, growing in numbers and of course skill. The focus is shifting on making sure that those who love every aspect of the hobby will have a way to start diving in with Gangs Of The Undercity. From what we've seen so far of the miniatures, there are some great options on the way!

Adelante - Fragging Unicorn Games

You'll already have noticed that mix between the Fantastical and the Cyberpunk in the character design. This idea was something which went down well in the past with the likes of Shadowrun and I could see it being just as enticing this time around too from Fragging Unicorns Games.

Acid - Fragging Unicorn Games

Kieran Russell looks to be the man behind the sculpting here; thumbs up! There are a few early prints of these miniatures available over on their Facebook Page if you're interested in learning more about what they have on offer.

The game is certainly looking fascinating and we're looking forward to learning more about it over the coming weeks and months in the run-up to the Kickstarter campaign. Anything that combines two of my favourite genre styles gets my attention!

What do you make of the previews we've seen so far?

"Kieran Russell looks to be the man behind the sculpting here; thumbs up!"

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