Forge World Drills For Horus Heresy Night Lords And Blood Angels

January 24, 2019 by dracs

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Forge World are delving back into the tumultuous times of the Horus Heresy, bringing out new releases for the Night Lords, Blood Angels, and the Mechanicum at this year's Horus Heresy Weekender.

Fear The Night

The Night Lords are arguably the most terrifying Space Marines, even before they turned to Chaos. the armour of these two Praetors, one with a jet pack and one in terminator armour, highlight their favoured methods of brutally striking fear into their enemies.

Both of these figures make very intimidating character models, perfect for leading units of these vicious killers. The details on the armour, especially their grizzly trophies, are very effective, though I do think their stances are rather dull.

Now, what's more terrifying than a Night Lord? A Night Lord Dreadnought!

This new Night Lords Leviathan Dreadnought body features plenty of Legion-specific iconography and details to separate it from other such war machines.

While this is a particularly cool and intimidating model, I do think that Forge World may have missed a trick given the larger canvas it gives them to work with. On the other hand (which is currently pinned to the dreadnought's hip), too much would have made it rather comical.

The Blood Angel Elite

The loyalist companies have a little love too, in the form of the Crimson Paladins for the Blood Angels.

Even by the standards of Horus Heresy terminators, these are beautiful sculpts. Their shields and close combat weapons makes them the perfect front-line troops for an army.

It's the shields that really makes them stand out, their ornate decoration matching that of their armour to set them above even their fellow Blood Angels.

The Mechanicum Digs Deep

Perhaps one of the most exciting things Forge World have previewed has to be the Mechanicum's Ordinatus Aktaeus.

This drill serves as a super-heavy transport, helping you to bring your soldiers wherever you need them to be on the tabletop. That's not to mention the damage a massive drill turning up beneath your feet can do.

I love this model. It may be rather simple in its design, but it shows off the grungy style of the Mechanicum and puts me in mind of pulp TV like Thunderbirds, which is just fantastic to see.

Are you going to Forge World's Horus Heresy Weekender? What are you excited to see?

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