Enforce Justice In Necromunda With New Palanite Enforcers

June 3, 2019 by dracs

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It's time for justice (or at least, the High Lord's definition of justice) to come to the Necromunda as Games Workshop have revealed the next faction stepping into the underhive: The Palanite Enforcers.

The Palanite Enforcers are what passes for law and order in Necromunda, bringing the will of the planetary governor to the depths of the hive world.

These Enforcers have been given a design that reflects their brutal purpose. Equipped with higher-quality gear than you might otherwise expect to find among the gangers of the Underhive, they are more than ready to start putting boot to face.

Given their more official nature, their appearance is more reminiscent of other such forces within the Imperium, such as the Militarum Tempestus.

However, they are very much their own beast and one whose equipment and style speak to their purpose of keeping law and order in a world where those are foreign concepts.

The Palanite Enforcers will be appearing this August.

Which Necromunda faction is your favourite? 

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