Strato Minis Fire Up Three New 6mm Scale Mecha

June 19, 2019 by brennon

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Fire up your mecha and engage anime-level voice acting skills as Strato Minis have shown off three new releases for their Hardbots 6mm collection. We start with the Puncher and some of its various weapon options.

Puncher Mecha - Strato Minis

Each of the mecha that you see here comes in resin and has been designed for 6mm warfare on the tabletop. The Puncher here is focused on close combat, leading into the fray with its blades to take the opposition by surprise. There are also shielded options which could weather some fire on the front lines.

Next up we have the Heikegani V2 which has the classic look of past mecha and comes armed with all sorts of different weapon arms.

Heikegani V2 Mecha - Strato Minis

Each mecha has a base set which is linked here but you'll find additional weapon options over on their webstore, allowing you to mix and match as you go.

Last but not least we have the Cutter.

Cutter Mecha - Strato Minis

Much like with the Heikegani this is a mecha which is focused on ranged combat. I also like that the design is a little more 'down and dirty' compared to the sleek look of the previous mecha. It looks like it would be for a different faction, or at least from a different manufacturer.

There are plenty of different games out there that you could use these models for. I really like the idea of using them in games where you each take control of one awesome mecha pilot and fight in some arena-based combat.

"There are plenty of different games out there that you could use these models for..."

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