Wargames Atlantic’s Sci-Fi Soldiers & New Skeletons Hit Pre-Order

March 26, 2019 by brennon

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Wargames Atlantic have now started to take pre-orders for their new hard-plastic Sci-Fi Soldiers and Skeleton Warriors. Leading the way are the Raumjager Infantry which are ready to slot into pretty much any Sci-Fi setting you like.

Raumjager Infantry Box Set - Wargames Atlantic

These fellows come with quite a few bits and bobs including some traditional weapons like rifles but also a few special weapons too, just to spice things up.

On the sprue below you can see they've included things like a flamer, 'plasma gun' and also a heavier machine gun style weapon too.

Raumjager Infantry Sprue - Wargames Atlantic

You'll also see that these fellows are pretty easy to put together. The simple assembly element for these soldiers might just make them a great option for someone wanting to avoid the fuss of complicated sprues where someone's hand is separate from their arm (mercifully they are few and far between now). They also happen to look pretty swanky when they're painted too.

Raumjager Infantry Painted Examples - Wargames Atlantic

Since these are heroic 28mm figures they could very well fit in with anyone building up a new Imperial Guard army but, as I mentioned above, they could also work in pretty much any Sci-Fi setting you like. Want an alternative set of Mercenaries to use as 'counts as' Stormtroopers in Star Wars: Legion? Well, now you've got some!

I particularly like the idea of using them as the goons in a Near Future game, the faceless and mind-warped enemy that your crack team has to deal with. I'd love to see their very uniform style going up against the wild and colourful nature of a Rogue Stars warband.

Summoned For Duty

As well as these new Sci-Fi soldiers, the team has also been working on getting their Skeleton Warriors ready for duty in games like Mortal Gods and of course further afield too.

Skeleton Warriors - Wargames Atlantic

This classic Fantasy set comes with a range of exceptional looking skeletons which conjure up memories of Jason & The Argonauts and Oldhammer. They are of course themed with Ancient Greece in mind but you could easily change things up with a few shield swaps.

Skeleton Warriors Sprue - Wargames Atlantic

Unless you specifically painted the shields in a Greek design you could also get away with using these fellows as standard Fantasy Skeletons too I reckon. Whilst some of these fellows look like they might be as complicated as the Wargames Factory versions currently produced by Warlord Games many more of them come with assembled torsos and legs (thank the gods).

Once again, they don't half look fancy when painted.

Skeleton Warriors Painted Examples - Wargames Atlantic

I'm already excited about the idea of playing some tabletop games where your Greeks warriors are standing against the Skeleton horde. I could see that being a great drop-in game for people at events actually, re-creating the temple from Jason & The Argonauts and having them see if they can escape the clutches of these foul denizens of the underworld.

What do you think about the current line-up from Wargames Atlantic? Whispers tell of TWO Historical ranges coming soon as well!

Drop your thoughts below...

"Whispers tell of TWO Historical ranges coming soon as well!"

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