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Delve In A New Dungeon With Secret Weapon’s Tablescape Kickstarter


Delve deep into Secret Weapon's new Tablescape Dungeon Mines in search of treasure and more!

Secret Weapon Announces Tablescapes: Dungeon Mines Kickstarter


If you were ever considering exploring dungeon mines in your adventuring, then you need to keep your eye out for the latest KS from Secret Weapon, Reaper and Dark Art Miniatures. July 25th will be the launch date for their new Tablescapes Duneons: Mines!

Secret Weapon Shows Off New Scatter Pieces For Their Malice Terrain


If you're looking for some great little extra terrain bits for your games, the new pieces from Secret Weapon Miniatures may be just what you need. They've just launched a new collection of scatter terrain, their Malice RPG accessories for the Tombs of the Dark Sun.

Secret Weapon Miniatures Announces New Acrylic Scenery


Secret Weapon Miniatures has announced via their Facebook page a collaboration with Massive Voodoo to bring us a new scenery option.

New Sandbag Wall Sets & 32mm Bases From Secret Weapon Miniatures


Secret Weapon Miniatures has a great new variety of 32mm bases available to suit all tastes. They also have a clever little set of sandbag walls, ready to fortify your perimeter!

Mantic Games and Secret Weapon Miniatures Reach Agreement


Mantic Games and Secret Weapon Miniatures have reached an agreement that will excite UK and European gamers.

New 50mm Bases From Secret Weapon Miniatures


50mm scale minis are getting some new base options from Secret Weapon Miniatures next week. The Knight Bases offer some really cool new choices for gamers and hobbiests to dress up there minis.

Unboxing: 6×6 Rapid Assault Vehicle


John and Justin get to grips with the 6x6 Rapid Assault Vehicle Complete Kit from Secret Weapon Miniatures, or as they like to call it 'The RAV'.

It’s All About the Base in December From Secret Weapon


For Secret Weapon Miniatures, it's all about the base! They released a new line of 80mm bases covering a nice spectrum from town and lava to death an destruction.

New Tombs of the Dark Sun Terrain From Secret Weapon


Monday brings some great new Egyptian terrain from Secret Weapon Miniatures. This release will offer 4 new sets for their Malice- Tombs of the Dark Sun line.

Secret Weapon’s Tablescapes Release Date Announced!


Secret Weapon Miniatures' long awaited Tablescape terrain range is gearing up for release as the date of 3rd November is set for their grand appearance.

Bring Halloween to Your Bases With Secret Weapon!


Now you can bring the spirit of Halloween to your tabletop with the addition of Secret Weapon's, Field of Screams line of bases. These great themed bases come in a wide range of sizes to offer detail to your games.

Walk Through Secret Weapon’s Pumpkin Patch This Halloween


Secret Weapon have new set of Halloween themed bases, letting your miniatures stand int the middle of a sinister pumpkin patch filled with grinning jack o' lanterns.

Secret Weapon Miniatures New RPG Terrain Coming Soon!


If your RPG needs some awesome terrain to expand your tabletop game, then Secret Weapon Miniatures has you covered with their upcoming Malice terrain. This unpainted, modular tile system with add the perfect feel and structure to your table, and offers loads of possibilities!

Secret Weapon Show Off the Front of the Tablescape Boxes


Secret Weapon Miniatures have published the first draft of the box art that will be going out for their Tablescape terrain sets.

Take to the Streets of Secret Weapon’s Tablescapes


Secret Weapon Miniatures' Tablescapes were one of the more interesting products of Kickstarter we have seen and now we get a closer look at their new urban streets tiles.

Keep Your Secret Weapon Miniature Objectives In Mind


Secret Weapon Miniatures have put together a new set of objective markers that also double up as epic terrain pieces too.

Get Ready for a Secret Weapon Santa


Secret Weapon Miniatures are bringing their own take to the tradition of the Secret Santa with these seasonal head options.

Mmm, Secret Weapon Display Donutz


Looking for a new way to show off your finely painted models? Well why not use Secret Weapon's donutz?

Secret Weapon Give You Some Cover for Urban Gun Fights


Secret Weapon Miniatures will be releasing two new combat barriers suitable for urban environments. Duck and cover people!

Secret Weapon Empty Out a Sack O’ Corpses


Wargames is a bloody business. Limbs fly and dismembered bodies lie everywhere, and that's just the players. But soon you won't actually have to go out and kill someone to achieve that affect as Secret Weapon have previewed the contents of their upcoming Sack O' Corpses.

Secret Weapon Join Powered Play to Illuminate Your Minis


Powered Play's kickstarter to create easy LED kits for miniatures has recently hit a new stretch goal in which they will be joining forces with Secret Weapon to bring you new Powered Bases!

Take a Stroll Over Secret Weapon’s Rolling Fields


Well the kickstarter for Secret Weapon's Tablescapes has brought us a scrapyard world and the streets of an urban warzone. What could be next? Why the Rolling Fields of the country of course.

Secret Weapon Starts to Lay Down Their Urban Streets


Over on their kickstarter the first renders for Secret Weapon's Urban Street Tablescape tiles have appeared to give you an idea of what life will be like on the main street.

Get Ready to Walk the Urban Streets of Secret Weapon


The Urban Streets set for Secret Weapon's Tablescape kickstarter has been fully funded and to celebrate we get some more concepts to see what we can expect from this city layout.

The Urban Streets of Secret Weapon Make Their Debut


Secret Weapon have already succeeded in fully funding their Scrap Yard set of modular terrain tiles, so now we get our first glimpse at what the next set will be, the Urban Street tiles.

Secret Weapon Create a World on Kickstarter


Well, after all those glimpses and previews the Secret Weapon kickstarter is now up, so get ready to help them fund their new Tablescapes.

See What Secret Weapon are Taking to Kickstarter


Secret Weapon have published some more previews of their upcoming kickstarter where they hope to get funding to make a modular plastic terrain board.

Secret Weapon are Taking Terrain to Kickstarter


Secret Weapon have announced that they will soon be starting up a kickstarter to bring you new sets of plastic terrain modules.

Take To An Alien City Scape With Secret Weapon Miniatures


Secret Weapon take us to a far away planet in the depths of space with their new selection of bases in the Tau Ceti collection...

Secret Weapon Continue To Show Off the Tau Ceti Base


The latest of the Tau Ceti bases, which are coming from Secret Weapon on the 18th February.

Secret Weapon Establish Their Tau Ceti Base


Secret Weapon have announced a new set of bases will be coming out later this month. The Tau Ceti bases.

January Brings More Bitz From Secret Weapon Miniatures


What do you think of this new collection of bitz from Secret Weapon?

Secret Weapon Take You To Alien Temples & Ancient Sands


Check out this selection of new bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures.

Secret Weapon Take a Trip to the Sewers


Secret Weapon are following the example of the Victorian engineer Joseph Bazalgette and are working on a new sewer base for your miniatures to splash around in.

Biking Across Different Worlds with Secret Weapon Miniatures


Secret Weapon Miniatures show off some of the Bike Bases coming out next week.

Ask Secret Weapon’s Mister Justin About Air Brushing!


Mister Justin will be live streaming about Airbrushing today on his Ask MisterJustin stream. Check it out!

Destroyed & Scrapped Tanks From Secret Weapon Miniatures


A Destroyed Tank marks the entrance to the scrap yard from Secret Weapon Miniatures.

Generators Draw in Bubbling Lava with Secret Weapon


Check out the rest of the new releases from Secret Weapon Miniatures for September.

A Creeping Infection Begins to Spread from Secret Weapon


Secret Weapon Miniatures reveal the extent of this powerful Creeping Infection!

Secret Weapon Prepare to Let the Rockets Fly


Secret Weapon Miniatures have given us a sneak peak into a not so secret weapon which will be appearing this September.

Secret Weapon Lay the Base for the Future


Secret Weapon Miniatures have put a preview of a new selection of bases which should hopefully become available in August, the Tau Ceti 7 Bases.

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