Take to the Streets of Secret Weapon’s Tablescapes

March 2, 2014 by dracs

Secret Weapon Miniatures' Tablescapes were one of the more interesting products of Kickstarter we have seen and now we get a closer look at their new urban streets tiles.

Damaged Urban Street

Damaged Urban Streets Craters

Damaged Urban Streets

Seeing these terrain tiles painted up and finished, we get a real idea of the detail and style that Secret Weapon have succeeded in creating.

However, Secret Weapon also have a small surprise in the form of their security barrier special tile for the Clean Urban Streets set.

Security Barrier Tile Raised

Security Barrier Tile

The security barriers can move, which was apparently not originally planned and is even cooler because of it. I could imagine it being made a small objective as part of a scenario.

Did you chip in for some of these?

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