Sharknado: The Board Game Is On Kickstarter! Oh Hell Yes!

August 15, 2016 by deltagamegirl22

Is Sharknado a cheesy, B movie? Yes. But come on, you have to love it for what it is! It certainly has a cult following and now you can relive all the crazy moments from the movies on the tabletop in Sharknado: The Board Game, the newest Kickstarter from Devious Devices. "Oh Hell Yes!"Sharknado logo

In this game, players will work cooperatively to defeat the Sharknado by putting a stop to the shark-filled twister. The Sharknado is controlled by its own AI deck, and comes as a miniature in the game. The rest of the components are standees and cards. Since it is cooperative, there is no specific turn order - players can activate in whatever manner offers them the greatest use in the course of a turn.

sharknado twister

They can move, trade weapons or items, and fight. Of course we are talking about man-eating sharks here, so there will be dismemberment and even death if players aren't careful.

Sharknado contents

One of their main goals with this game was to provide a real narrative experience for players while operating in the context of the movies, and that said, they want feedback from fans and want to incorporate as much great aspects from the movies as they can. Their goal is to include a Kickstarter bundle of items and cards in the pledges that are fan generated requests.

This could very well be a gateway game for non-gamers that are familiar with the Sharknado universe, and conversely will offer a fast and fun gaming experience for seasoned gamers too.

What do you think of playing Sharknado on the tabletop?

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