Fight For Your Faction In World Of Shieldwolf Wargame & Terrain

June 12, 2019 by cassn

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Welcome to the world of Shieldwolf, a fantasy land filled with magic and adventure in a brutal era where the strong prevail and the weak perish! In this unforgiving landscape, life is divided across twelve realms, each controlled by a different 'Superior' race who battles for dominance against their neighbouring foe. Take on the role of a race, control a realm, and tactically plan your strategic advantage over your opponents in this free 28mm heroic fantasy wargame!


Shieldwolf Miniatures have announced their beta iteration of the new wargame Shieldwolf: War Is Coming is available for free download now. The game is designed for 2+ players and features easy to learn combat mechanics for first time players and seasoned gamers.


Alongside this release, Shieldworld Miniatures have also unveiled their new terrain for Shieldwolf: War Is Coming. These 32mm polyurethane models represent the human Kingdom of Talliareum - a race forced into unification when they found themselves on the brink of extinction. Talliareum is a medieval-style  Kingdom, and focuses on stone and wood defensive structures, such as guard posts, towers, and the Stone Bridge Garrison.

Yet while Talliareum flourishes at the center of the Shieldwolf World, in the icy north the Krumvaal barabarians plot their insurgency into the large human cities.

The Krumvaal are undisputed rulers of the northern lands. Unlike the human race, the Krumvaal do not seek riches or glory. Even their Chieftess lives simply, choosing instead to gain respect through their actions and bravery.


An unmatched might in the World of Shieldwolf, the Krumvaal have mastered their harsh landscape, making use of the gargantuan trees which surround them by building guardposts into their structure, providing a tactical viewpoint and protecting them from the vicious animals which roam the darkness of the icy woods.


Shieldwolf: War Is Coming is a really diverse narrative for a wargame scenario, and the Shieldwolf world provides plenty of strategic options for an interesting combat wargame, however, the terrain isn't limiting, and can easily be applied to a number of wargame scenarios. You can check out more of Shieldwolf Miniatures terrain here.

What faction would you pledge your allegiance to in the World of Shieldwolf? Comment below!

"Free 28mm heroic fantasy wargame!"

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