Mercs – Operation: Paradigm Shift

April 9, 2013 by stuart

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Saturday 13TH APRIL!

This weekend we are delighted to be working with the guys behind this fantastic game to bring you the first global campaign day - Operation Paradigm Shift.

The action takes place globally on Saturday 13th April. Where will you be?

Many clubs across the world have signed aboard (in secret of course!) to get involved but its not too late - why not grab a bunch of buddies and get playing Mercs. Send us your photos and share your experiences by either commenting below or going to the thread on the Tabletop Nation forum. We'd love to see how you played it out!

We'll be running this narrative event ourselves on the day and then linking up live to various gaming groups around the globe to share in the story. You can grab your free ticket to our event here at Tabletop Nation by clicking the link HERE!

The Mercs storyline will forever be changed by the actions you and your gaming friends take on Saturday April 13th so make a difference to your hobby world!

Whether Paradigm Shift is your first experience of this fantastic game or just the latest and greatest clash between the mega corporations at your local gaming place it doesn't matter. The scenarios and material here are provided for all of you to enjoy so download it and get stuck in!

Mercs Operation: Paradigm Shift

So whether you are taking part on the day or finding this as part of the Mercs week some time later, have a good read of this excellent and free resource brought to you by those lovely chaps at!

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