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VLOG: Salute 2019 Friday Run Around


The guys are set up for another year at Salute!

VLOG: Space Hulk Table #2


Welcome to part two of my Space Hulk table Vlog! Let me show you how far I have gotten so far and some thoughts on how I have been constructing the kits. 

VLOG – Lighting Up The Desert


All my life I've been enamoured by making gaming tables come to life, we've already somewhat, mastered the terrain building aspect to the hobby but now I'm moving on to making it feel and sound real!

VLOG: Bolt Action Boot Camp Tickets Coming Soon!


We're in the process of finalising the details of the Bolt Action Boot Camp from Warlord Games, stay tuned for Monday when we'll be announcing tickets on sale after 12pm BST.

VLOG: UKGE Preparations & Your OTT Feedback


Warren checks in with the team who are busy making the final preparations before heading off to UKGE later today.

Building The US Studio Gaming Table: Part Three


VLOG: Prussonian Army Project On Hold & 4Ground Visit The Studio!


Welcome to today's update from the BoW studios. First thing is a notice to say that we've had to halt John's Prussonian Army Project whilst we deal with a super-secret project - you'll see more on this soon!

VLOG: A Gift From YOU!


We've recieved a strange delivery through the door today, and it came from one of you!

Building The US Studio Gaming Table: Part Two


Are you a violent dice thrower?

Building The US Studio Gaming Table: Part One


Dawn and Gianna from the U.S. studio see first-hand how their new gaming table was made.

VLOG: 3D Printed Voyages


Meanwhile... in the tinnitus simulation room

VLOG: Annual Anzac Arrival & Final Bootcamp!


VLOG: UKGE BoW Meet Up & Live Blog This Weekend


Join us for the UK Games Expo Live Blog & the BoW Meet Up too on Friday!

VLOG: Army Painter & RuneWars Hobby Weekend Ahead


Runewars Boot Camp underway!

VLOG: RuneWars Tables & 4Ground’s New Game


We've been busy setting up our tables for the end of the month where our lucky Bootcampers will be staying chained to and using for the weekend to paint and play with their RuneWars boxes.

VLOG: Wartime Soap & Sanding The Hills


With the bootcamp coming in just days away we're getting every last member of the team involved and focused on making the tables look as awesome as you guys deserve!

VLOG: Explosions At Beasts Of War


We're not lying, we had explosions at Beasts of War...and not the good ones!

VLOG: Preparing The Boot Camp Desert Boards


Lloyd is tearing up the studio. Meanwhile, John is busy in the hobby room, darkening up some water oasis pieces and well...getting sand absolutely everywhere.

VLOG: When Sh*t Hits The Fan


There's only one thing to do... HOBBY TEAM ASSEMBLEEE

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