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VLOG – An Experiment In Resin Casting


Today I'm rediscovering some issues with the Resing casting from last episode.

John Tries Resin Casting – VLOG


Today I show you a little journey I am taking into the world of casting resin. The part I am trying to make is the lense for my Power Armour's helmet lamp. Let's see how I get on!

Mennes’ Mini-Mashup: Custom Bases With Hirst Arts – Part Two


Mister Mennes is back with another awesome tutorial using Hirst Arts kit and Green Stuff.

Mennes’ Mini-Mashup: Custom Bases With Hirst Arts (Part One)


Tomas Mennes is back with us this week showing off just what you can get up to when you're alone with your models. No, not like that!

Warren’s Nottingham Road Trip: Learning The Casting Craft!


Oh dear! That's right folks. Warren has been let loose in the Warlord casting facility as he learns how to cast up some T-34 Tank Riders. You can win the tank riders Warren cast up and a T-34 by the professionals by simply commenting below this video!

Casting Resin Bases with Darrell


Have you just finished a nice scenic base for your miniatures, but don't want to have to go to the bother of building another ten, twenty or enough for one of those horde units? Darrell shows you how to save hours of work with some silicon molds that will let you cast base after base!

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