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Blood Angels Furioso Dreadnought Painting Tutorial | Warhammer 40,000

12 months ago 2

John takes some inspiration from Trovarion Miniatures and shows you how to paint a Blood Angels Furioso Dreadnought from Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000.

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: How To Paint Lord Celestant Vandus Hammerhand


The painting tutorials for Games Workshop's Age of Sigmar continue with the painting of the main Order character from the Starter Set...

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: How To Paint Age Of Sigmar Retributors & Ionus Cryptborn


Part two of a new range of Painting Tutorials is also up from Games Workshop. This time, Retributors and Ionus Cryptborn!

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: How To Paint Age Of Sigmar Liberators & Prosecutors


Games Workshop are back with another set of seven (yes, seven) painting tutorials for Age of Sigmar. Check it out!

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: How To Paint An Ultramarine!


Games Workshop's Duncan Rhodes takes us through not one but two ways of painting the armour of the Ultramarines as well as giving us a whole bunch of awesome tips to use on other miniatures too!

GW Painting Tutorial: How To Paint Thanquol & Boneripper Part Three


In the last part of this How to Paint tutorial for Thanquol & Boneripper we're given a lesson in how to paint the warpstone, greenish tinted smoke, eyes, teeth, horns, and all the other little details on this huge model for the End Times.

Painting Astorath the Grim: Part Three


Romain sets off for another round of painting Astorath the Grim from the Blood Angels Chapter. This time he is adding gold where he feels it's needed and doing some highlighting work on the wings and parchment.

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