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M18 Hellcat Miniature Painting Tutorial | Bolt Action


John returns to his natural habitat and paints up a fantastic M18 Hellcat wargaming miniature from Warlord Games' Bolt Action.

Grimdark Black Templar Painting Tutorial | Warhammer 40,000


John shows you how to paint a grimdark Black Templar for Games Workshop's 28mm Sci-Fi wargame, Warhammer 40,000.

Winter Sherman Painting Tutorial | Flames Of War


John shows off how to paint a Sherman in a Winter camouflage scheme for use with your Bulge American force in Battlefront Miniatures' Flames Of War. 

Gerry Can Show You How To Use AK Interactive Weathering Pencils!


Dive into another Gerry Can hobby tutorial as Gerry shows off how to use the AK Interactive Weathering Pencils on your miniatures and more.

3 Colours Up: Painting Guild Ball’s Millstone – Part Two


Today Romain is in the Hobby Lab to paint up Steamforged Game's beautiful Guild Ball farmers sculpt, Millstone.

3 Colours Up: Painting Fearsome Battle Damage


3 Colours Up: Painting Deep Rusted Armour


Today Romain is back in the Hobby room to show you how to paint Deep Rusted Armour.

3 Colours Up: Painting The Convergence Of Cyriss Prime Axiom (Part Three)


We're moving onto the third part of this monster scorpion from Romain as he paints up the Convergence Of Cyriss Prime Axiom converted by Tomas Mennes.

3 Colours Up: Painting The Convergence Of Cyriss Prime Axiom (Part Two)


We're moving onto the second part of this epic painting tutorial from Romain as he paints up the Convergence Of Cyriss Prime Axiom converted by Tomas Mennes.

VLOG: Weathering Toy Cars For Your Apocalypse



Hobby Lab: Old Timey Western Water Tower Part 2


We're back with another Hobby Lab, this time we're confinuing off where we left off last week and building the scaffold part of the Modular Water Tower.

Hobby Lab: Old Timey Western Water Tower Part 1


Yes, it's Hobby Lab time and this week we're bringing you a water fuelled two parter episode in which we show you how to make this awesome Modular Water Tower.

Dust To Dust: How To Paint Rusty Armour Plates!


In this episode of Dust to Dust our resident Tank God takes us through the process of making run down, rusty, metal armour and plating for your battle hardened miniatures! What do you think of the technique?

Hobby Lab: Heroic Barb Wire


One of the best barbed wire techniques you will ever try, Perfect for Warhammer 40K, Bolt Action and every gaming table you want to go 'CRUNCH'!

Tank God Tips: Paint and Rust Chipping Effect


It's time for another Tank God Tip so John brings out the Crusader Tank from the Bolt Action range to show us how to create some cool paint and rust chipping effects. Make your new tanks look old!

Tank God Tips: Burnt & Rusted Metal!


Our personal tank ace John is back for another tutorial on tanks. Today he's in the mood to show off how to paint up a magnificent burnt and rusted metal technique that will make your tanks really look as if they are in the middle of a battlefield and firing on all cylinders.

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: Ryza Rust


Want to get an aged look on your vehicles, armour and scenery then try out the Ryza Rust Technical Paint from Games Workshop...

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: Typhus Corruption


It's time to corrupt up all those vehicles of yours with another of the Games Workshop Technical Paints, Typhus Corruption. See what you think of this paint and comment below!

Painting Rust on Non-Metalic Metal Blades


Orks never take care of their blades and Romain takes great care in showing this as he adds some non-metallic style rust effects to the Ork Blades he painted the week before last.

Painting Rust Effects… part 2


Romain completes his different rust techniques on the blades of his Orc.

Painting Rust Effects… part 1


Romain spices up his Orc model with two different techniques for painting rust.

Painting Battle Damage on Rhino Armour Plates


Romain moves on with the finishing touches as he paints some extra Battle Damage & Bullet Holes to distress his Rhino hatch.

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