Fat Spider Mark the Table Top Objectives

June 19, 2012 by brennon

If you're looking for some simple but effective Objective Markers for your battlefields then how about checking out these from Fat Spider?

Fat Spider - Objective Marker #1

This first one would look great at the entrance to a dungeon or mining shaft. Obviously the only race that could claim this would be Dwarves! Note the barrels of ale and the bottle of spirits ready to be drained by hard working dwarf miners.

Fat Spider - Objective Marker #2

Now we get a little more modern perhaps? Could this be secret documents hastily hidden with a chest and buried under sandbags and netting before that patrol of soldiers walks past?

Fat Spider - Objective Marker #3

And another potentially more modern piece. It might work out as a piece of machinery boxed up in the shadows of a warehouse.

Simple yet effective works well for these I think you will agree. If you don't use them as objective markers then at least they would make some good scattered terrain to break up the flat areas of your gaming board.

What would you use these objective markers to signify?

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