Mantic Make Your Battlezones Look Awesome With New Terrain

April 3, 2014 by brennon

Mantic Games have put all their awesome Battlezone Terrain out onto their webstore and you can check out some of the pieces that are available below along with a video from Ronnie himself above...


Above you can see some of the pieces in all their glory being used on a massive Warpath battlefield. Not only would this terrain be great for Warpath and of course Deadzone but also something like Infinity or MERCS too. The terrain has a near-modern to sci-fi look and would fit in well with all of those games.

Urban District

Landing Pad

Fortified District

Defence Line

Above are the component pieces that made up that excellent looking diorama above. The first image shows the Urban District which will allow you to put together a massive hab complex using some of the ruined pieces to give it that blasted look.

Getting a bit more militarised we have the Landing Pad and the Fortified District and Defence Line which is most likely being erected to hold off the advancing Plague and set up a quarantine area.

I love that they come with those neat little turrets as well, a brilliant excuse to make them an objective or piece of terrain you can interact with on the tabletop. Not too shabby at all and it goes together easily using Mantic's connector system!

Do you think we'll need to do another big build day?

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