Sally 4th Gives Us An Interior For the Public House

May 21, 2015 by stvitusdancern

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Sally 4th in their continuing quest to bring the gamer even more terrain options and realism to their tabletop, is expanding their line of Photorealistic kits. This time they are bringing us interiors and in this case an interior to a pub.

Pub Interior


I do not know about you, but every proper gaming table should have at least one pub somewhere within it's boundaries. If you are familiar with the Photorealistic kits, here is the basics. Each kit is made from 3mm Medite (a form of MDF) and the surfaces can be covered with the photo-realistic printings either ordered with the kit or you can print them from home.

Either way it gives you the option for some really nice looking buildings when is all said and done. Yes it is a little labor intensive and time consuming but I think you have some really nice look houses to sit on your table. The interiors are just the latest in Sally 4th's ever expanding line. I am definitely going to order some to see how it all goes together.

What do you think, does the photorealistic terrain have a place at your table?

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