Stronghold Terrain Bar the Gates Against the Enemy

September 4, 2012 by brennon

Stronghold Terrain have a new kit on the way, the Stone Walls Gate and Fences, and here is a painted preview of what you can pick up very soon. I think people will really like these!

Stonewalls Gate

Stonewalls Fence Pieces

So they might not be able to hold back a vast horde but they would certainly do if you were being assault by zombies in a fantasy mansion! Or, what if you were fighting in Victorian London running through the smog with these amazing fences all around you? Maybe you could even be in the midst of battle during the Normandy invasions and beyond, the blasted piece of fence the critical break in the lines you needed.

That's the beauty of this kit. You could see this fitting into any area of wargaming!

Will you be grabbing this when it's released?

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