Make Way For A Baron of Relics’ Ridend By Tor Gaming

April 13, 2015 by dracs

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The latest renders for Relics' new faction the Ridend have brought to us the leaders of this honourable medieval race. Leading from the front you can now find the Barons of Ridend.

Ridend Baron

Ridend Baron Back

The Barons of Ridend are peerless leaders and courageous fighters, having earned their position of the battlefield. They lead their armies as an inspiring presence, extolling them to greater displays of martial virtue through such speeches as this one which Tor Gaming have shared:

“Remember lads, you have the element of surprise here. They’re expecting you to fight with swords and shields, they’re not trained to deal with pitchforks and broomsticks!”

Baron Dangle addressing a Serf horde at the battle of Rogancourt.

Barons are usually accompanied by a pair of loyal men-at-arms, one to serve as his personal banner bearer and the other serving as a musician to signal the troops.

Ridend Banner Bearer

Ridend Drummer

Personally, I am loving the Ridend in Relics. They have a faction style unlike any of the other strange and disturbing ones in the game and have a muppet-like look that really appeals to me. When these get released, we may have to see about fielding an army against John's new Britanans.

What are your thoughts on the Ridend so far?

"The Barons of Ridend are peerless leaders and courageous fighters."

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