Worthy Painting Becomes Official Painting Studio for Relics

April 28, 2012 by beerogre

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Here's a press release from the guys at Relics, confirming their new relationship with the painting service, Worthy Painting.

We had a visit from Worthy Painting today and thought we would put together a quick video with some great news....

We have just signed on the dotted line to make Worthy Painting the 'official' Tor Gaming Painting Studio. They will be working on our entire range, helping us to re-image Relicia into a much darker place. No more of the 'cute', it's getting nasty!!!

Check out Worthy Painting's website, you could get your army painted by them!

Why not follow them on Facebook and stay up to date with what they are working on (you may even see the occasional Tor Gaming product on there...)

And of course, they have a YouTube channel (who doesn't) on which they post plenty of video content, well worth checking out and subscribing.

Cheers for watching!

Congratulations to Gavin and Nick, we hope this means bigger and better things for both companies!

Check out part 2 of the video HERE.

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