Has EA Nicked Ideas from GW?

April 12, 2012 by crew

Eagle-eyed gamers have spotted that some of the designs in Electronic Art’s latest Command & Conquer title bear more than a passing resemblance to 40K designs.

The online browser online Tiberium Alliances (currently in open beta) includes a faction named Forgotten which includes tanks Bombard Grinder, but it has been pointed out that these vehicles are gobsmackingly similar to the Ork Bonecruncha and the Imperial Guard Baneblade.

Claims of plagiarism certainly aren’t what EA need at the minute, after the backlash over the Mass Effect 3 ending,  which has led US watchdog the Better Business Bureau to accuse the company of falsely advertising the fact that players had the power to completely shape the game’s outcome.

On top of that EA have been recently voted the worst company in the States by The Consumerist.

As we know, THQ still has the rights to the 40K universe, although as it seems that they aren't going to be pursuing the 40K MMO who knows what will happen with that tasty piece of intellectual property.

To check out the whole story on the EA/GW accusations, see Kotaku.com.

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