Gauntlet Reinvention Goes Up For Pre-Order On Steam

May 22, 2014 by brennon

Gauntlet is going back down into the dungeon to slay beasts and it's already up on pre-order for Steam. Admittedly it might be a little too soon for us to be clicking 'buy' but hopefully upcoming gameplay will make it worth the wait...

Gauntlet Pre-Order

I think one of the cooler additions to this pre-order package is the digital comic that comes with the pre-order. I can give or take some cosmetic (or indeed deadly in-game) weapons and armour but the fact you get a cool story to read through 'Darkness Calls' is a nice addition.

I am liking the dark fantasy art style and it reminds me a lot of HeroQuest in its look and feel. I think I'd have to choose Barbarian if I played the game, or wizened Wizard!

Will you be checking out more on this?

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