Head Off Into The ‘Verse With Firefly Online

March 13, 2014 by crew

Coming this summer, Firefly Online is an upcoming MMO for PC and Mac. It’s being developed by Quantum Mechanix and Spark Plug Games.

Firefly Online Combat

Not only can you customize your ships, but thanks to the games free flight engine you can actually pilot your ship around the ‘verse similar to Star Trek online. As you fly around you get to do jobs, hire crew and customize ships. Aside from the main overarching story, there will be side quests and even the ability to create your own missions for other players to complete. Another feature is that while you can shoot your way out of most situations, you can also talk your way out too.

Firefly Online Ships

One of the most important questions you’re probably asking is “what about Reavers?”. They’re in there. Initially though you’ll be a brown coat captain but they are looking at adding in factions later as DLC.

Female Character Portraits

Autonomous NPCs

Firefly was an awesome show, it’s a shame it was cut off before it could be explored further. Although Whedon won’t be working on this (he’s currently working on the next Avengers) so far it’s shaping up nicely. Can’t wait to see more from this.

Submitted by Daniel Ryan

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