The Toughest Women In History Join War Of The Vikings

May 21, 2014 by brennon

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War of the Vikings has been going strong for the last couple of weeks and not long ago they added the Shieldmaidens to the melting pot of deadly warriors hashing it out on the battlefield.

Shieldmaiden #1

Shieldmaiden #2

Shieldmaiden #3

The expansion content adds more maps alongside the Shieldmaidens which are looking pretty awesome I think you'll agree. These warrior women come with their own move set allowing them to enter a very defensive stance while using spear and shield in combination.

I like that they've taken some real historical validity into account and these Shieldmaidens are dressed for combat, not to impress. The game itself is pretty awesome and if you like a bit of Dark Age bloodshed I'd take a look at it.

It also made me think about where all the Shieldmaidens are in games like SAGA!

Have you been using the Shieldmaiden?

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