Vampires & Dwarves Join The Mark Of War Army Roster

August 23, 2014 by brennon

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Mark of War have announced the final two armies that will appear in their upcoming digital tabletop wargame. My favourite, the Dwarves, and some bloodsucking Vampires are going to be heading to battle!


The first, and coolest looking faction, that we'll take a look at are these bear riding Dwarves! Like typical Dwarves they are earth loving and hardy and protect their homes fiercely against any and all aggressors. If they get awesome looking bear cavalry like this and it's not just their heroes I may have just found the faction for me.


The vampires are suitably vampire-like in look and I very much approve of the way they've worked the leather armour to make it look like the folds of a bats wings. It does give them a nice floaty and ethereal appearance, or should I say shadowy. They are quick and deadly so best not to cross them I reckon!

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