Who’s Got their 6th Edition 40K Book and what do you think of it?

June 30, 2012 by beerogre

So, slightly before the "official" release of the book, I managed to receive my Big Rulebook from a super-secret insider source... but what do I think of it?

Well... there's more randomness... charge ranges being the big one. Many of the top players I know see this as a blatant attempt to tip the game in favour of newer and less talented players, I'm not as sure, but the introduction of pre-measuring (at any time!) is definitely an advantage new players will benefit from.

Many of the rules have been cleaned up and a lot of special rules have been renamed to make them generic (and more easily found in the new book), a system we saw in Warmachine MkII.

The new psionic rules are proving somewhat controversial, with most wondering if this means that forthcoming Codex releases will reduce the number of "unique" powers available to those future factions (probably to 1 or 2).

But the big shake up is the rules for cover and wound allocation...

It seems we can now only shoot at targets we can see (no change there), but if half a unit is hidden, you can only remove casualties from those that can be shot at... no more removing those "wound guys with Bolt Pistols" hiding around the corner, while the big guns fire at will.

The changes to the wound allocation (you now allocate wounds from the closest to the furthest away) are also designed to prevent this tactic. Of course this will lead to bloodier battles, but there was always something to be said for the tactical arrangement of troops and the knowledge required for an effective allocation of wounds.

Now, these will have to be relearned. Darrell, our resident 40K fan and cheese-hunter claims to have already found some powerful strategies involving the placement of models with varying armour saves... so you can look forward to him trying to explain that in a future video.

There also seems to be some merit to keeping your "Big, Tough, Fighty" heroes at the front, so they can avail of the new "Look Out Sir!" ruling, where they take the brunt of an assault (or salvo of fire) and are then saved at the last minute (i.e. when they are at W:1) by their squad.

Just on character models, we all know by now that the rules for challenging characters is in the book, but who will be the first to break the rules?

Well... the first one I've found is the Imperial Guard Company Commander... or more properly the Bodyguards from the Regimental Advisers. While not strictly "breaking" the rules, they do allow the Company Commander to shift (I mean "allocate") 4 wounds onto the two (15pt) Bodyguards... that's a hell of an advantage.

The big problem I see with these Challenges, is that once again they are aimed at benefiting the Space Marines. They have "big, fighty" heroes who value "honour", but what about the Xenos?

Does the Tyranid Hive Mind even understand what "honour" is in this context?

Do the Eldar give a toss for the "honour on the Mon-Kee"?

Do the Tau feel the need for personal combat (in violation of their edicts) in order to preserve the Greater Good?

How about the Necrons? Well they might have a go, but then they're getting back up anyway.

So it's only really the Orks then, that might enjoy this, but then they're always drunk and angry (at least in my mind), so no real change there!

These are just a few of the changes, the ones I thought we the most fun and/or controversial... but we want to know what you think?

Have you got your book?

When are you getting it?

Do you like the changes?

Are you now going to start 40K?

Are you now giving up?

Have your say today!

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