New Chaos Space Marine Helbrutes On The Way

February 21, 2014 by brennon

According to a post on Bell of Lost Souls the next issue of Warhammer: Visions features some images of a new plastic Helbrute kit from Games Workshop. You can check out some of the variants for it below...

Khorne Helbrute

Nurgle Helbrute

Tzeentch Helbrute

It seems to have the right amount of weapon options to be useful on the battlefield and comes with a variety of head options to. It looks like the Helbrute we had access to from within the Dark Vengeance box and also keeps that Dreadnought look from it's Space Marine past.

What this does bring up is why now? Well the answer could be in the rumours about a new boxed set on the way for the game in a Warhammer 40k 6.5 edition release. Whether there is any truth to that I don't know but if it did come out then gamers would no longer have access to the Helbrute as a model. Games Workshop are therefore releasing it as a single kit to keep it a viable option.

I think I'm going to be buying a few of these to stamp over the battlefield. I do love my big constructs.

What do you think?

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