Check Out The Characters Of Dawn Of War III In Sketchfab

September 19, 2016 by brennon

Dawn Of War III is shaping up nicely to be a return to form for Warhammer 40,000 on PC and graphically it's definitely eye catching. With that in mind check out these Sketchfab uploads of the models for Jonah Orion and the Imperial Knight Solaria...

Dawn Of War III

You might remember Jonah as one of the main characters throughout the Dawn of War series, a key guide and council to Gabriel Angelos during his campaigns.

Jonah Orion

"Jonah Orion is the Blood Raven’s Chief Librarian and a man of fearsome psychic power. Focused on supporting his brethren, he is a flexible Elite who amplifies the effectiveness of his allies."

We also got a look at the might Imperial Knight that we've seen in so many of the gameplay videos.

Imperial Knight Solaria

"Lady Solaria is the head of House Varlock - the staunch defenders of the planet Cyprus Ultima. Fierce and stubborn, she can be an invaluable ally in the heat of battle, or a devastating enemy."

This is a fascinating look at some of the work going into the game and even at an early stage it's nice to see their characters coming to life like this. You can keep an eye on the Dawn Of War Sketchfab to see if they add more models to their collection.

Elites In Battle

Both of these characters are what's known as Elites in Dawn of War III. They are BIG units that you base your army around. They will be impressive to use in-game and utterly devastating but all of it will come at a price.

For example, Lady Solaria's Knight will get hot as she uses it causing her to overheat. She'll do more damage when she's in this state but will move slower and end up being a sitting duck for anti-vehicle weaponry.

Is Dawn Of War III catching your eye?

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