Check Out Some Goodies From The Horus Heresy Weekender!

May 19, 2014 by brennon

Over the weekend just gone Forge World held another of their Horus Heresy Weekenders where they show off some of the miniatures and more that will be coming to you in the coming months. Since this is such a massive part of the Warhammer experience nowadays it is pretty obvious they're going to show off something funky. First up, Primarchs...


Vulkan (Rear)

First up we have a look at the fairly fantastic Vulkan for the Salamanders Chapter. As you might expect from a Primarch and Forge World this looks like an exquisite looking and incredibly detailed miniature that would be the pride of your collection. I love the work that's gone into the cloak and that hammer is all kinds of awesome.


As well as the hammer of Vulkan we also got to see more from the masterful looking Mortarion. I never quite got the use of a scythe as a weapon but I'm sure with the force of a Space Marine behind it it's going to cleave through pretty much anything. A stunning looking model once again.

Veletaris Storm Squad

Imperial Troops

Las Rifle Section

As well as Space Marines there are of course the humans of the Horus Heresy. It wasn't all going to be clashes between power armoured folk after all. These are some very neat looking soldiers for the Imperium and it's nice to see what the technology was like, and indeed how it's changed, from then and now. Those helmets are very cool indeed.

Imperial Tank #1

Imperial Tank #2

Imperial Tank #3

Heresy Tank

Tanks are also of course a big draw to any kind of tabletop game with a Sci-Fi setting and the folks at Forge World really don't disappoint on that front. It's interesting to see some familiar shapes alongside some that are a little bit more weird, see the tank at the bottom for that! I think if I had the money I'd be looking to replace as many of the Imperial Tanks with their Heresy-era equivalent just for the cool factor.

Salamander Terminators

Chaos Possessed

Back on foot there were some awesome looking additions to both sides of the Heresy. The Salamander Terminator kit looks astounding and it's hard to pass up those Thunder Hammer wielding bad-asses. Much like with the cloak we saw at the top on Vulkan the detail on the scales adorning the Salamander shields is brilliant.


It wouldn't be the grim darkness of the far future however without some more Knights/Titans for you to take a look at. Above are a more melee and ranged focused build that look brilliant. I do like the idea of having a whole bunch of these walking across the table mowing down as much as they can with their deadly weapons. I've watched a few battle reports with these kind of beasts in action and they are very, very cool.

So, that's a round up of some of the miniatures from the Horus Heresy Weekender. Did you go yourself and if so what did you think?

Pictures thanks to Owen Parry!

What grabbed your attention the most?

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