Codex: Khorne Daemonkin Coming This Week For Warhammer 40k

March 18, 2015 by brennon

Khorne has taken over the Old World of Warhammer Fantasy and now have their sights set on the grim dark future of Warhammer 40,000 with the coming of Codex: Khorne Daemonkin for pre-order this weekend from Games Workshop. The images are HERE from Blog for the Blood God...

Khorne Bloodletter (40k)

On the cards will be a new Hardback Codex alongside a Skulltaker version as well as the obligatory digital download we've come to expect. On top of that you'll get new Data Cards for your blood red daemons of the far future.

Keep It Safe...

Interestingly it's not the arrival of Khorne Daemons that got my attention as they have also got a new range of carry cases lined up for pre-order too which include a Crusade, Battle and Skirmish version catering for varying sizes of force. If I hadn't just bought a Battlefoam Bag I might be tempted.


Adeptus Mechanicus

The announcement, or indeed leak, came as a bit of a surprise as it was assumed that Adeptus Mechanicus would be the next army on the list; a peek at the preview of an upcoming White Dwarf issue certainly hinted as such. Admittedly they don't have to do much when it comes to expanding this Khorne range and it will give a use for all of those new armies growing up out of the End Times.

A quick releases for Khorne means that they can focus in on the new army on the block and hopefully we'll get to see some incredible plastic kits very soon indeed.

Will you be joining the daemon army of Khorne?

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