New Concepts Shows Hive City of The Lord Inquisitor

March 8, 2015 by dracs

A new concept sketch has appeared for the Warhammer 40k fan film The Lord Inquisitor showing a design for one of the most iconic locations of the Imperium; a Hive City.

Hive City Concept

The grand scale of the setting certainly seems right. Even at this early stage we get a glimpse at a high tech world of soaring spires dripping with over-the-top gothic architecture. I really hope we get to see something of this scope and detail in the finished movie.

The guys behind The Lord Inquisitor also sent out a small WiP to give us an idea of the size comparison of the different characters.

WiP Size Comparisons

As you can see, the Grey Knights will be standing at the oversized scale they are described as in the background, rather than standing at about the same height as an Imperial Guard trooper like their models do.

With these concepts, I am very impressed by the attention to detail going into this fan project. A lot of effort is going into making this foray into 40k universe exactly as we have always imagined it.

Are you looking forward to seeing The Lord Inquisitor?

"The grand scale of the setting certainly seems right."

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