New Craft & Revamped HQ Choices For The Harlequins Of Warhammer 40k

February 11, 2015 by brennon

It's not just Warhammer Fantasy that's getting some additional shiny things in the coming weeks. As well as Archaon ruining the Old World the Harlequins of Warhammer 40,000 are flying into the game with the new Starweaver and some revamped HQ units for the Troupe HERE...


Death Jester

Above are the older sculpts for the Shadowseer and the Death Jester and these are two of the sculpts that have been revamped within the new Codex. The Death Jester himself is shown crouching down like a dark prowler atop a piece of ruined masonry with his trademark weapon in hand. He looks suitably epic and hasn't changed much in terms of his overall look.

The Shadowseer is also now atop some ruins, I suppose tying everything into the same look and feel which is great, and is now leaping across it like the Solitaire. I'm really liking both of these new HQ designs and I think they managed to keep that something special based on the original designs.

On the other side of things we have the new Starweaver/Voidweaver which serves much like a Vyper or Venom. It features a driver, gunner and another Harlequin on the back with a melee weapon ready for a flyby attack. Once again a great design if you don't look at their weird heads stuck to the side in a strange attempt to tie it back into its original look. Should have kept the leering hood!

Last but not least we have a look at the hierarchy of the Harlequins and their army make-up. Look out for the Codex to hit this weekend.

Is this looking like the army for you?

Have you picked up any of the new Harlequin releases?

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