The Dark Angels Enter Dawn of War

April 1, 2011 by dracs

Good news for all you fans of Dawn of War 2 Retribution, THQ are releasing a new download which will allow you to play multiplayer games as my personal favourite Space Marine chapter the Dark Angels! Thats right, these dark and secretive angels of death will be marching their merry way across your computer screens come April 6th.

Dark Angel DoW2

By the looks of things though this appears to be a purely cosmetic download, rather than bringing any changes to gameplay. The pack will bring eight new models for the multiplayer modes, which probably just means replacing certain standard Space Marine units with their Dark Angel equivalent, eg the Force Commander is replaced with Winged Helmeted glory that is the Dark Angels Company Master.

Dark Angels Company Master DoW2

The rest of your army will also be outfitted in the Dark Angels' iconic robes as well as your vehicles getting custom designs to separate them from the average Space Marine gear.

Dark Angels Vehicles DoW2

What's your take on this guys? It costs about $7.50 (that's apparently about £4.67 in real money), but I'm unsure that I'd pay for something that won't be offering me any other game play opportunities. But would any of you be willing to pay to give your guys kick ass robes? Let us know below.

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