Games Workshop Preview Necromunda At NOVA Open

August 31, 2017 by brennon

Games Workshop is at the NOVA Open right now and shared some news on the return of Necromunda as well as making the game available to play at the event.

Necromunda Underhive

The game will come with two gangs in the box, House Escher & House Goliath, as they fight for control of the Underhive in brutal gang warfare. It also looks like they've adopted a tile-based layout for your game boards as you can see in the image below showing off what comes in the set.


The tile-based layout for the game with its bulkheads and walkways is meant to make the game portable and easy to set up. Of course, there's no reason why you couldn't add in some of the 3D terrain that Games Workshop make, and in fact, they encourage it, but at its base level, the game looks to have been designed with the idea of close quarter fighting in mind in dark alleys.

Rules for both versions of the game will be presented so it's a simple matter of classic over reboot for you to decide upon from the rulebook.

The Houses

Leading the fight we have House Escher...

House Escher

...who are the nimbler of the two factions and as you can see feature a lot of awesome looking female miniatures. They have plenty of chemical weapons at their disposal and draw on more esoteric designs and aesthetics.

House Escher Gang

This is then in contrast to the big and hulking House Goliath who are clanking around with repurposed industrial equipment as their weapons of choice.

House Goliath

House Goliath Gang

I think of the two gangs I like House Escher the most although I think that there might be quite a few fights to have them as the House of choice when it comes to sharing the box. I suppose the solution is to not share!

Gang progression and expansion is also returning so watch this space for more on that front.

Are you excited for the games return?

"The game will come with two gangs in the box, House Escher & House Goliath..."

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