Gav Thorpe Tells Of The Rise Of The Ynnari At Black Library

July 6, 2017 by dracs

Gav Thorpe has revealed the first instalment in a new series telling of the Rise Of The Ynnari to be published by Black Library; Ghost Warrior.

Ghost Warrior

The Ynnari were one of the most interesting developments in 40k's lore, with plenty for a book to delve into.

Ghost Warrior (or as Gav Thorpe described it, the first in my Space Cat Adventures series, [which] also contains aeldari) will most likely start by introducing us to the main figures of this movement, Yvraine and the Visarch, as well as the most important character of all, the Gyrinx!

Are you excited to read this series? What part of the 40k lore do you want to see Gav Thorpe and Black Library expand upon?

"The first in my Space Cat Adventures series..."

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