The Lord Inquisitor Confirms Imperial Guard in Film

March 19, 2015 by dracs

An initial CGI design of Astra Militarum armour is being shown off for the 40k fan film The Lord Inquisitor, confirming the presence of the mighty Imperial Guard in the film.

Imperial Guard Armour

The armour appears to be that of the Cadian Shock Troopers, possibly the most iconic soldiers among the Imperium's finest.

I am really excited to see the Guard appearing in The Lord Inquisitor. I have always found them more interesting than the Space Marines from a fluff perspective and, while I doubt they are going to be a central focus, their presence does open up interesting new elements for the story.

What do you think the appearance of the Astra Militarum could mean for The Lord Inquisitor?

"I have always found Imperial Guard more interesting than the Space Marines."

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