Relive Titan: The Graphic Novel With Black Library

March 8, 2013 by brennon

Black Library look to be dragging out an old classic and tasking the servitors with getting it into working order. With a whole army of techpriests at their command Titan: The Graphic Novel can now be bought!

Titan Cover Art

Titan Interior

"When the ageing commander of the Warlord-class Battle Titan Imperius Dictatio dies in the heat of battle, it falls to Cadet Princeps Erwin Hekate to take control of the mighty war machine and save it – and his comrades – from certain destruction. Fusing his mind with the spirit of Imperius Dictatio and bending the construct to his will, Hekate takes the towering Titan into battle against the foes of the Imperium."

This series which was part of the Warhammer Monthly comic many years ago has now been compiled along with a selection of other content into one volume by Dan Abnett.

Do you think you'll be picking up this tome?

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