What Shiny Minis Shall We See at the Forge World Open Day?

March 26, 2014 by dracs

This coming Sunday Forge World will open its doors to let in the hordes wishing to see their latest awesome minis. Unfortunately, tickets are all sold out, but that doesn't mean we can't drool over some of the pre-releases that will be appearing on the day!

First there is the new collector's edition of the Isstvan Campaign book.

Isstvan Campaign Collector's Edition

This great looking collector's edition brings together the books detailing some of the most iconic battles of the Horus Heresy, allowing you to recreate them on the tabletop and providing you with background and awesome artwork.

Isstvan Art

World Eaters Legion

The events of Horus Heresy continue to be explored at the Forge World Open Day as they will also be selling book three of their Horus Heresy series; Extermination.

Horus Heresy Book Three Extermination

Forge World have given us a quick glimpse inside the pages of this latest book, so we can see the great artwork and new details that will be made available to enrich our games' stories.

Battle of Paramar

Imperial Fists

The Iron Blood

Most exciting to my mind is that the book features a full army list for the Mechanicum, letting you field their militant force the Taghmata.


Speaking of the Mechanicum, we come to the last pre-release appearance that Forge World have announced will be available. The Mechanicum are rolling out their big guns as the Krios Battle Tank appears.

Krios Battle Tank

The great thing about Forge World's Mechanicum models is that they truly look like a faction apart. Their technology is recognisable as that used by the Imperium, but they have their own unique style that stops the models from looking just like Imperial stuff with gears attached.

Are you heading to the Forge World Open Day? If you are we would love to hear of you experiences.

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