The Weekender: 40K Eternal Crusade Founding Uncovered

June 28, 2014 by dignity

Warren, Justin and John come together for another epic Weekender with all the latest gaming goings on. There’s plenty this week to get any 40k fan excited as Warren gives us an update on our 40k narrative campaign, before the guys move on to discuss Eternal Crusade and just what is happening with this hotly anticipated game.

The Weekender: Eternal Crusade Runs Its First Founding!!!

Of course, there’s lots more to get excited about as we also get a peek at some awesome new Puppets War minis that have been sent our way, as well as news on a series of articles that will be heading to Beasts of War, asking that all important question, what level of wargame do you play? Finally, we will be bringing all of our competition winners up to date, so be sure to stay tuned in to this Saturday’s Weekender.

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