New XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit Joins The Tau For The Greater Good

October 10, 2015 by brennon

Another new Battlesuit has popped up for the Tau by Games Workshop. The XV95 Ghostkeel is a deadly walker with a vast array of different weapon options, special rules out of the whazzoo and it also happens to look fairly awesome too. Will you be using one of these in Warhammer 40,000...

Ghostkeel (Box)

The Ghostkeel

As a model it is very impressive. I like the hunched shape, making it look like a bit of a predator. This makes sense considering the Ghostkeel also has rules for going into Stealth. It has a 3+ Armour Save and a doubled Cover Save from over 12" due to it's Electrowarfare Suite.

Ghostkeel #1

On top of that Suite of tricks it also has the ability to scramble the targeting systems of other units on the battlefield. If it chooses to do this the unit can only make Snap Shots against it this turn. Crazy.

Guns. Lots Of Guns

The two big weapons the Ghostkeel comes with are the Fusion Collider and the Cyclic Ion Raker. The Collider is used to melt armour into slag whilst the Raker has two uses. It can either be a dangerous assault weapon or powered up to make it a higher strength to blast away opponents.

Ghostkeel (Close)

Ghostkeel (Pilot)

Tie this in with the fact it can have two additional Stealth Drones, Burst Cannons and a Fusion Blast as options and you have a Battlesuit which is well on the way to being a One-Tau wrecking machine.

So, will this feature in your Tau army?

" have a Battlesuit which is well on the way to being a One-Tau wrecking machine."

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