Experience Gotrek & Felix Before Gotrek!

June 1, 2013 by brennon

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Before Gotrek & Felix were to be there was a wandering hero named Felix who wasn't bound to the whims of a mad slayer looking for his doom. Check out this eBook exploring one such adventure on the road from Black Library, Into the Valley of Death...

Gotrek & Felix - Into The Valley Of Death

"Before he ever met Gotrek Gurnisson, Felix Jaeger had a knack for getting into trouble... Risking his life to save a band of travellers from certain death, Felix finds himself drawn into a quest to retrieve a dangerous artefact from the mystical lair of a long-dead necromancer. But as danger presses in, Felix finds that he may not be able to trust his new companions. Just what is the secret of the Valley of Death, and how can Felix possibly survive it?"

Sounds like it should be a fun romp and it will be good to read things from Felix's perspective without the Slayer's input clouding his thinking and decisions. While some will balk at the idea of there not being a Slayer this should be a neat take on the dynamic duo, well, uno.

A good read?

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