My Favourite Wizards Order Sets Out in Warhammer Fantasy RP

May 23, 2013 by dracs

Fantasy Flight have a new print-on-demand expansion for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, bringing more spells and items for my favourite order of wizards; the mysterious Grey Order.

Grey Order

The Grey Order are awesome. An organisation of illusionists and secret keepers, they use magic to weave complex illusions to befuddle their enemy until the world is no longer quite what they think it is.

This new print-on-demand expansion will bring you 15 new spells to twist the shadows to your will and leave your enemies (and sometimes your allies) utterly confused.

Grey Order Cards

One of the more exciting additions is that Grey Wizards will now be able to wield their symbolic Sword of Judgement, a magical item which we often hear about in regards to the Grey Order, but don't really have any idea of the power it contains.

Sword of Judgement

Grey Order Contents

Which magic order in Warhammer Fantasy is your favourite?

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