The Great Horned Rat Rises – Total War: Warhammer II

October 13, 2017 by crew

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When I was trying to think of a faction to play as for my second campaign playthrough in Total War Warhammer II it was easy to side with the Skaven, after all, we have so much in common. We both are rarely seen in sunlight, we both really like eating (even if one of us does enjoy feeding on Elf flesh....and the other is a Skaven) and we both love loot.


I'm of course playing through the campaign as the Dark Elves on the Beasts of War Channel but on my own channel I've decided to tackle the Clan Mors campaign, one that is listed as hard by the game itself.


The campaign does prove a challenge as you try to solidify a starting position, Elves attack from the ocean, Lizardmen stalk to the north and other Skaven clans are always more than happy to stab you in the back at any moment.

In this first episode of my playthrough, I'm not only establishing a foothold for the clan but you'll also see me fend off quite a few foreign armies. Playing as the Skaven is quite a challenge but with patience and perseverance, it is possible, as will all factions, to come out on top.


In the meantime though why not let me know what factions you're playing as in the game down in the comments, I'd love to hear what war stories have already been written in your campaigns.

By MrStainless001

Will you be following this Skaven campaign with interest?

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