The Skaven Infest Warhammer Total War 2

August 18, 2017 by dracs

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The latest trailer for Warhammer Total War 2 has appeared, bringing with it the game's fourth playable race, the vile Skaven and all their loathsome kind.

Skaven Warlord

The trailer opens with the armies of the mighty Lizardmen (woohoo! yay!) facing off against the Dark Elves (boo! hiss!).

Dark Elves

However, it is revealed that rather than facing each other, each force is up against the Skaven. What follows is the chaotic legions of rat soldiers, along with their hellish creations, such as the Doomwheel.


Awesome as it is to see the Doomwheel rocketing around the game, the coolest moment has to be the appearance of the Hell Pit Abomination.

Abomination vs Dragon

That thing is  more terrifying in the game than even the miniature suggests!

Hellpit Abomination

Which of the four playable races will you side with first? (Go Lizardmen! What do you mean "biassed"?)

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