A Summer Of Warhammer Fantasy Ahead With Black Library

May 27, 2013 by brennon

Of course there are plenty of Warhammer 40,000 novels coming out over the summer from Black Library but I thought it would be worth looking at what's coming for the Old World of Warhammer Fantasy...


Golgfag's Revenge

First up we have two stories that are already up to buy. Headtaker by David Guymer follows the bloodthirsty Skaven warlord as he battles against the Dwarf King Kazador.

Golgfang's Revenge on the other hand is an eBook release that is heralding a future novel it seems. Justin D Hill puts Golgfang in a prison fighting for his life and looking to cement his legendary status as a great mercenary.

Blighted Empire - The Black Plague


The future also holds some special Warhammer appearances with Blighted Empire continuing the Time of Legends series by C.L. Werner. I loved the first book in this series and I can't wait to see where it goes next. Skaven, the Undead, Vampires and struggling Empire soldiers all make an appearance.

Skarsnik, which we've mentioned before, follows the Goblin Shaman and deadly warlord as he threatens the Empire. An unlikely source might be the key to defeating him!

I love my Warhammer Fantasy novels and this is all pointing to a great summers worth of reading from across the breadth of the Old World. Much better than that silly old Sci-Fi!

Will you be reading one of these, or all of them?

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