Warhammer End Times Villain Glottkin Spotted [Updated!]

October 23, 2014 by brennon

A sneaky peek at The End Times next big villain has appeared on the internet and we're finally getting a look at what Glottkin is going to look like. We also have some neat information on where The End Times is going next for Warhammer Fantasy...

Update: Check out the book and more information on this triple threat to The Empire!

Glottkin Book

Here's what we know about the story now. The Glottkin, which is made up of three brothers called Ghurk (the Beast) Ethrac (the Sorcerer) and Otto (the Warlord) has headed South from the wastes under the command of Archaon.

Glottkin Vs Karl Franz

The story runs in parallel with that of Nagash and picks up a little after where we were left off at the end of the book at some point. Karl Franz is once again live and kicking after his unfortunate accident and is called the Ascended Karl Franz with new rules in the book.

Glottkin Vs Arkhan

As well as that we get word that Leon Leoncoeur is alive and new rules for fighting in cities called Streets of Death. You'll get rules for barricades, destroying buildings and the like.


Glottkin (Detail)

You can see how massive this chap is. I love the riders and their position on the model and the actual beast himself is just stunning. Move over old(er) Grandfather Nurgle and welcome this mass of stinking muscle to the battlefield. I can't wait to see what talented bitz bodgers can do with this.

Glotkin & Heralds

The miniature itself stands somewhere between a Orkanaut and Imperial Knight in size and looks absolutely amazing from this little shot we're getting here. It comes with two riders with one a horned warrior and the other dressed more like a caster.

Interestingly the news of this new hero comes with the added information that the next End Times book is indeed a two book slipcase affair like with Nagash but a bit slimmer than the previous tome. Lots of fluff once more and the rules separate as always.

The big battle report coming in the next issue of White Dwarf is called The Fall of Altdorf so if that's not a big bad omen for how badly things are going for The Empire I don't know what is!

What do you think of this sneaky peek?

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