Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Adventurer’s Toolkit

July 11, 2011 by crew

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay the 3rd edition has a very interesting retro feel to it. The Core Set comes in a big and beautifully illustrated box, much like many of the roleplaying games in the 1980's did, and contains all the components and rules you will need to get yourself playing games straight away. I warmed up to this packaging / marketing approach once I got my hands on the Core Set and saw the exquisite quality of the product I was purchasing.

Many people say that Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay the 3rd edition is a very expensive game; however, if you look at the cost of Path Finder you will discover that it is roughly 90% as expensive (unless you buy the PDF's, but lets face it who wants to pay for PDF's?) and you get a fraction of the goodies (the game requires miniatures for a full enjoyment of the rules as written and you get none with the purchase of the books). Dungeons and Dragons is just as expensive when you add up the cost of all of the core rulebooks, and once again you get less in the way of content / components; although, the “Essentials” products definitely lower the cost of entry into the current version of Dungeons and Dragons (see my review regarding entry into D&D 4th edition for more information)

All roleplaying games (well most of them at the very least) use an expansion structure with which to add more content to the core set of rules. Wizards of the Coast are notorious for this and in fact Dungeons and Dragons quite literally has seen hundreds of expansions since they took over production of the game in the late 1990's. So one should not be surprised that expansions are an intrinsic part of Fantasy Flight Games version of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. The main difference in these expansions is the way they are packaged and produced. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay the 3rd edition has had many supplements released since it hit the gaming shelves around 2 years ago and they all follow a general retro boxed format which differs heavily from the book format of so many other roleplaying games.

The first of these supplements is The Adventurer's Toolkit which was released on the heels of the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay the 3rd edition Core Set. This “Toolkit” contains many extra bits such as career and party sheets; action and talent cards; more stand-ups and character sheets; as well as several additional wound, insanity, and condition cards. The 10 careers presented in this beautifully constructed box are all staples of the Warhammer mythos. The Rat Catcher, with his small but vicious dog, brings animal companions to the table for the first time and gives a glimpse of what is to come in future releases. The inclusion of the Iron Breaker, War~Dancer, Swordmaster and Bounty Hunter really helps add to the flavor of the setting and creates more options for non-human characters, a factor that many people –myself included-- were concerned with when the Core Set was released.

My favorite piece of this supplement is the sturdy box that it comes in. This box provides a place to store the ever growing amount of components and is of the highest quality. Organization is a key factor when you get into this game and I have to say that Fantasy Flight Games took that into consideration when they designed the Adventurer's Toolkit.

This product is not essential to find enjoyment with games of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay the 3rd edition; however, it comes at a good value for all the components contained within. The developers defiantly were thinking about sales when they decided to put many of the iconic careers into this supplement and I do believe that they are some of the biggest draws to this product.

For anybody looking to add more players to their games or to increase the options available to them, without having to do a bunch of tedious home~brew work, the Adventurer's Toolkit is a great product to pick up for your games of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay the 3rd edition.

This is the first in a string of reviews in which I intend to cover all of the products that are released in support of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay the 3rd edition. Keep your eyes peeled and hopefully these reviews will help shed some light on what I believe to be a fantastic roleplaying experience.


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